Dr. David Quinto-Pozos
Carmelo Falu
Melinda Manzo
Sara Romes
Vernon (Vern) Leon
Roberto Sandoval
Caleb López
Arlene Narváez
Carmen M. García MA
Angela Roth
Rafael Treviño
Gina Wilkinson
Kristie Casanova de Canales
The Mano a Mano regions mirror those of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).    See RID Website

A Brief History of Mano a Mano

The founders realized a need for Trilingual Interpreters to network and discuss linguistic and cultural issues specific to their work as professional interpreters.

Nationally-known leaders such as Mary Mooney (Instructor, El Paso Community College and Director, National Multicultural Interpreter Project [NMIP]) and Angela Roth (leader of the NMIP Hispanic team), stepped forward to help organize an online forum for discussions.

In 1999, with support of the NMIP, the first national gathering of interpreters who work in Spanish-influenced communities occurred in Boston, Massachusetts, and Mano a Mano was created.

Mano a Mano was incorporated as a non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization in 2003.

Subsequent to that first meeting, Mano a Mano made its presence known at Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) biennial conventions that followed in 2001 in Orlando, 2003 in Chicago, 2005 in San Antonio, 2007 in San Francisco and 2009 in Philadelphia.

Prior to 2011 Mano a Mano workshops were held as a pre-conference to the RID biennial conventions. However, the 2011 RID Convention in Atlanta marked the first time that Mano hosted a trilingual track concurrent with RID’s workshops; this development was due to close collaboration between the two organizations and much support from RID.

In 2013, Mano a Mano held another RID pre-conference in Indianapolis, and in 2015 it will host a conference in New Orleans (one day prior to the start of RID).